Computer Training

With One-on-one computer training you can improve your efficiency with the aid of the computer as a tool.  Training is efficient because you learn at your own pace.  Lessons can be set up weekly or on your schedule.  With classroom training the instructor can only go as fast as the slowest learner on each teaching point.  With One-on-one training the instruction goes at your pace.  Often an entire 8 hour class can be covered in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Ed is a master instructor.  When teaching for Origin Technology in Business Ed taught 20 of Procter & Gambles top executives to use their computers.  His students included Mr. Pepper (then CEO of Procter & Gamble).   Ed designed a custom teaching plan for each and provided one-on-one instruction to maximizing their increase in productivity while minimizing their time investment in learning new technologies.  Ed has trained as a CPR Instructor Trainer for the American Heart Association, Fire Instructor for the State of Ohio, EMT instructor for the State of Ohio, National Ski patrol Instructor Development Instructor Trainer, National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor Trainer.  Ed taught Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and several other software packages while working for Origin Technology in Business, a multinational computer consulting firm.  While with Origin, Ed also designed, created student manuals and taught specialized classes in computer technology.