Marketing & Advertising

Work with Ed to review your business and business plans and find the best program to market your goods or service.  Ed Can also help you vision your business potential and find the path to increased success.

Key Benefits

  • Personal Review applying 42 years of business experience to your business’s prosperity.
  • Wide range of business background.
  •   Valuable contacts in the Clermont County area.

Ed has a wealth of experience to bring to your small business.  Budgeting, writing grants , creation of policy and procedure, workplace hazard mitigation, OSHA compliance, etc.  Bring your business problems to Ed.

Procter & Gamble

Market Research (Consumer Research)
Market Research (Trade and Consumer Indices)
Management Systems (LAN Administration including email systems)

Other Experience

Certified Ohio State Fire Inspector
Former Fire Chief
Former EMS Chief and Paramedic
Computer Instructor for Microsoft Office Products and other end user software (Classroom and One-on-One)
Bus Manager for Clermont County (Rural Transit Buss system with 22 buses)
Township Trustee and County Commissioner with interface with County, State, and Federal Legislators
Instructor Trainer for several National Ski Patrol disciplines